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Web Development Products

Our team at Puissant Technologies is well versed in developing the web portal. The latest design of landing page, excellent functionality among the web pages, simplified and lucid content writings, creative and beautiful graphic design, accessible from all kind of devices like, mobile, tabloid, laptop, desktop etc., are the features which we provide to our customers.

The web application customized, designed and developed by the Puissant Technologies has the following url:

  1. An NGO Website
  2. An Educational Portal
  3. An Educational Consultant Website
  4. Coming soon.....

The above mentioned web site has the following salient features:

  1. The logo part of the header section is exclusively designed, keeping in view the overall nature of work of the company.
  2. Quick testimony in the header section itself, helps in getting the customer's appreciation as soon as he/she get satisfied with the company's product or services.
  3. The rightmost part of the header helps the user and the client to be interactive as soon as the client views the details given to contact. The link to download the company's brochure is also placed right below the contact details in this upper right corner of the landing page of the web site.
  4. The drop-down menu of the navigation is multi-level sub-menued. This facilitates the user to be acquianted with the variety of products and services even from the front page of the web site itself.
  5. All the banners used in the web site are customized and capable to present pictorially or/and mentioning the brief textual presentation on the banner design of the web pages.
  6. The second navigation is optional. Some customers do not like this but for the sake of brevity or to present the the work nature of the company in short, this is repeated by mentioning below the banner section of the web page.
  7. Now the remaining web page (except the footer section at the end of every web page) is divided into three columns. The leftmost cover around 20% width of the overall page. The second column or the middle column expands upto 80% and this section being the biggest contains most of the web site's contents.
  8. Third column or the rightmost column covers the last around 20% of the page width. Generally, the quick enquery form is placed at the every page of the website at the top of the this column. Some images or the blogs can also be put at the remaining space in this column.
  9. The footer section is designed to repeat or give stress on the product and services, so that the customer can easily traverse the web site from any part of it. The font of the text and the background color is exclusively selected to enhance the user experience.
  10. Lastly, the live chat option is also integrated at the lower right corner of the every web page for the quick and instant chat of the visitor with the executive of the company.


Current Project
We are working on a Social Site project of Australlia based client...