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Designing Custom, Creative & Responsive (CCR) Landing Pages

The landing page is the page where the customer first lands after clicking on the link of Google Search results. The single most important reason to craete this is to improve the convertion-rate of your advertisement campaign.

This first page has to be designed after a deep contemplation of the customer's requirements and the market scenario for the products and services your company provide.

As per the customer's requirements, we design variety of custom and creative landing pages.

Please note that the landing page may not be same as the Home page of your website. The home page is the first page of your website. This is designed in such a way that the visitors can easily traverse or navigate through the entire website.

The entire home page of the web site: www.amseducation.co.in is first divided into three parts and then the screen prints are presented hereby:

The upper or the first part of the Home Page is as under:

The middle or the second part of the Home Page is as under:

The lower or the last part of the Home Page is as under:


Current Project
We are working on a Social Site project of Australlia based client...